New Batch of Solar Power Plant Design & Electrical system Design will going starts from 21st October 2017
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Basic Solar Power Plant

  1. Fundamentals of Installation and Safety
  2. Brief about PV cell technology and module characteristics
  3. Evaluate PV array mounting considerations
  4. PV array structural load calculations
  5. Type of solar power plant

Testing of Equipment

  1. PV Module Voc, Vmp Testing
  2. PV module string wire meggering
  3. DC power Cable testing
  4. Module mounting structure alignment
  5. Foundation testing
  6. Transformer Testing
  7. Transformer HT Panel
  8. HT Cable testing
  9. CT /PT testing
  10. MMS specification

Installation and Commissioning of Solar Power Plant

  1. Type of Utility interactive inverters and systems
  2. Determine PV system configuration
  3. Inverter Selection criteria
  4. Installation of PV Module
  5. Installation Of Inverter
  6. Check list of Inverter and Module
  7. Inverter installation planning
  8. Solar power plant conducting
  9. Solar Power Plant string Wiring
  10. Solar power plant series –Parallel connection
  11. PV module Mounting arrangement
  12. PV module current shorting
  13. String Combiner Box installation
  14. SCB Wiring
  15. Connection of MC4 Connector
  16. Connection of Y connector
  17. DC power cable installation
  18. KW and MW inverter Installation ‘
  19. ACDB installation
  20. HT panel Installation
  21. Transformer Testing