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  • Preparation of Single Line Diagrams

  • Selection sizing of inverter duty transformer

  • Selection of Aux. transformer

  • Selection of two winding and five winding transformer

  • Selection criteria of inverter duty transformer

  • Selection of ACDB and MDB

  • Selection and sizing of LT cable and HT cable

  • Calculation of fault level at 132 & 66and 11KV system by IEC 60909 simulation in ETAP Software.

  • Designing and Engineering Calculation of Earth mat

  • Selection and sizing of HT Power Cable

  • Selection of Circuit Breaker , Isolator, ACSR Conductor LA etc

  • Prepare switchyard plan, section

  • Sizing of DC Battery bank (IEEE-485)

  • Prepare Design Basis Report of Switchyard

  • Prepare Cable trench route of Switch yard.

  • Cable Schedule HT , LT Control and Communication

  • DSLP Calculation

  • Transmission line design

  • Calculation of AC Conventional Type Earthing (IS :3043).

  • Calculation of Chemical Earthing (BS:7430 .

  • Selection of Cable tray for HT/LT/Communication cable in Control room Building.

  • Calculation of early streamer emission type lightning arrestor
    (NFC17-102 Standard Calculation of lightning risk factor of Main Control Room (IS:2309).

  • Preparation of HT/LT/Communication equipment layout in Control Room.

  • Preparation of HT /LT Cable Schedule.

  • Calculation of UPS Sizing.

  • Preparation of Transformer Fault/VCB Inputs control Cable schedule

  • Preparation of Control Room Lighting layout(CPWD/NBC).

  • Design of interior illumination (IS:3646

  • Design Exterior illumination(Boundary /Plant lighting) (IS:1944).)

  • Preparation Technical specification of Communication device

  • Calculation of DI/DO of PLC and Communication device

  • Preparation outline of SCADA system

  • Selection of Multi sensor Smoke and heat sensor

  • Selection of fire alarm control Panel system

  • Preparation of BOQ and BOM